Federated Distributors, Inc’s
Everyday Essentials SALEbration!

Federated Distributors, Inc’s first ever major and solo event is finally happening on October 28-29, 2022 at the Robinsons Place Manila, Midtown Atrium!

In FDI’s 27th year in the business, all brands will be highlighted as everyone's everyday essentials, which saw everyone through the toughest of times.

The word essential was thrust in the limelight during the pandemic, as everyone was in a rush to secure basic but important goods for their family when everybody needed to just be home to be safe. During this time, we see our brands helping everybody through cooking and baking, giving people a new sense of happiness and fulfilment.

Thus, this event will be a celebration of FDI’s business partners' unwavering trust in FDI and a thanksgiving to our loyal customers' continued loyalty and patronage.

Everyone is invited to come visit and celebrate with us! Bring your family and friends and enjoy the fun activities, games and shopping!

To know more about our plans for these two days of Everyday Essentials SALEbration, please see attached poster and event mechanics below.

TULIP Jamonilla X Let’s Eat Pare Association 23rd General Assembly

An evening of fun, camaraderie, food and drinks, with Let’sEat Pare®!

After two years of quarantine due to COVID-19, Let’s Eat Pare® Association held its 23rd General Assembly at the Nissan Manila Bay Showroom last April 19, 2022, drawing more than a hundred members to an evening of fun, camaraderie, food and drinks.

Following the spirit of sharing, various vendors set-up their food and beverage products to share to attendees throughout the event, fostering an atmosphere of fun and friendship in the first ever LEPA GA to happen since the pandemic started.

LEP Founder Mark del Rosario, together with his wife, Cheska del Rosario, welcomed attendees, leading to the much-awaited demo of Chef Patrick Paragas and Chef Jam Fornier. With the aim of deconstructing delectable dishes made with Jamonilla Classic luncheon meat, Chef Patrick showcased his take on mouthwatering Tulip Jamonilla Sliders, while Chef Jam Fornier shared her version of scrumptious Tulip Jamonilla Sushi Bake made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Narcissus Mushrooms to the LEPA members.

Evian 400ml Nude

EVIAN 400ml NUDE Introducing our 1st circular design bottle.

Evian is committed to becoming a fully circular brand by 2025, producing bottles made with 100% recycled plastic that can be recycled again and again.

However, in a society where innovation and sustainability are simply buzz words for most, evian seeks to break through the white noise with action. Danone, the makers of evian, will minimize the impact on the environment with a launch of the first bottle made from 100% recycled plastic that is also 100% recyclable with no carbon footprint.

This bottle features a premium design that speaks to history’s most environmentally conscious generation. Nothing superfluous, no extras. Stripped down to its purest form, this bottle is as pure as the water within it.

**excluding cap

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Ferrarelle Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

The Ferrarelle sparkling natural mineral water springs from an ancient unique volcanic source located in the territory of Riardo in the South of Italy, about 60km from Naples, Italy.

The rain water falls on the extinct Roccamonfina volcano and flows slowly through the underground rock layers for more than 30 years.

During this journey, the rain water is enriched with several minerals emerging with natural fine bubbles, that is then mixed with additional natural carbon dioxide from the source, to give Ferrarelle water its unique taste and create its incomparable sparkle.


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Chef Nino Logarta x Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Manila, Philippines – The world’s first cream cheese brand - Philadelphia Cream Cheese has partnered with celebrity chef Nino Logarta to become its first Chef Brand Ambassador in the Philippines.

Nino Logarta is a celebrity chef and entrepreneur with passion not only for creating dishes and food styling, but also for sharing his expertise, experiences, tips and tricks with aspiring chefs and cooks. He is also a familiar face on TV, as a host and Chef/Kitchen Manager for GMA-QTV Channel 11's cooking shows such as "Ka-Toque: Lutong Barkada," "Daddylicious" and "Sarap at Home.“

Check out his video recipes on his official Facebook, Instagram pages and YouTube channel as well. Watch his cooking videos using Philadelphia Cream Cheese on Facebook and Instagram .

Chef Nino Logarta X Barilla

Make Special Pasta Dishes with Ease and Expertise

Manila, Philippines – Make cooking a breeze with Chef Niño Logarta as he whips up delicious, go-to dishes for everyday dining and special occasions with the world’s No. 1 pasta, Barilla.

From making Classic Lasagne Bolognese to creating a special Fettuccine Lechon Ragu, get ready for a step-by-step demo that would help you ease your way into creating a special dish that marries the best of both worlds, straight from culinary instructor, entrepreneur and Project Food owner, Chef Niño Logarta.

Take part in this series and watch how simple it is to make special pasta dishes on @BarillaPhilippines and @chefninologarta on Facebook, and @BarillaSEA and and Chef Niño Logarta on Youtube.

Chef Luigi Muhlach for
Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Manila, Philippines – Federated Distributors, Inc. has partnered with Luigi Muhlach, a celebrity chef and content creator – to produce savory and easy-to-cook home recipes using Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Initially known because of his celebrity parents, Chef Luigi Muhlach, pursued his passion for cooking and he is now recognized as one of the famous Filipino celebrity chefs. He is a restaurateur and owns Lumu Beerhouse in Resorts World and Filipino Kitchen located in Greenbelt. Before opening his restaurants, he became the executive chef of a famous hotel in Tagaytay and hosted a short series of cooking shows in a television network.

Check out his video recipes on his official Facebook, Instagram pages and YouTube channel as well. Watch his cooking videos using Philadelphia Cream Cheese on Facebook and Instagram.

Barilla X Matteo Guidicelli

Manila, Philippines – Barilla, the No. 1 pasta brand in the world, has teamed up with half-Italian actor, model and singer, Matteo Guidicelli, to explore the pasta universe in the Philippines.

Known for his heritage, charm, and passion for Italian cuisine, Matteo brings Italy closer to the Philippines in an amazing journey into food culture and Italian gastronomy.

Watch out for more of Barilla and Matteo at @BarillaPhilippines on Facebook and @matteog on Facebook and Instagram.

Tulip Canned Meat from Denmark is ASF-Free

From Danish farms to production to markets across the world, Tulip upholds its values of bringing safe, innovative and quality products families enjoy together.

Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat and all other Tulip canned pork products are exclusively manufactured in Denmark, which is a European country that has no reported outbreak of African Swine Fever. We assure all our consumers that Tulip Jamonilla, Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat and all other Tulip canned pork products are safe and free from the African Swine Fever virus.

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Barilla X Roger Federer

The n.1 Italian pasta brand invited Roger Federer, the master of tennis to a new match, but he’s a complete amateur in the kitchen.

So we summoned one of our favourite Italian chefs, Davide Oldani, to help in his first cooking lesson. The outcome of it: Delicious al dente pasta.

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#EnjoyTogether Tulip Jamonilla

Sushi Creations for Great Family Weekends

#TulipPH #TulipJamonilla #FromDenmark💯

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With Danica's Fun and Simple Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie 🍪❤️ Conagra Brands always bring Fun and Flavor together in all your dishes and everyday cooking. 😍

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