We bring you new products from Maling B2, China’s time-honored brand.

Maling B2 Kung Pao Pork, Maling B2 Sichuan Pork and Maling B2 Curry Pork are the new authentic and famous Chinese dishes now everyone can enjoy at the comforts of their home or even in the office. Just heat and it’s ready to serve! Each can comes in 340g size.

Another new offering from Shanghai Maling is the Maling B2 Vienna Sausage with Egg! This is Vienna sausage with a twist; each sausage is wrapped with egg. Every can is 397g of Maling goodness!

Grab these new premium quality Maling B2 products now in your favorite supermarkets!

Shanghai Maling B2, delicacy delighting the world.