As early as 2000 years BC, MORINGA has been described as a medicinal herb in India.
In the annals of Ayurvedic Medicine, one of the oldest healthcare systems in the world, Moringa has been mentioned as a cure for over 300 diseases.
In recent years, the World Vegetable Center in Taiwan tested 120 food species. Moringa topped in terms of nutrient value.

GreenEarth Heritage Foundation brings to you, MORINGA, grown at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Northern Philippines, away from contaminants, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, colorants and preservatives.
It has been inspected and given certified-organic status by the US Dept. of Agriculture and Ecocert France.

Moringa is naturally caffeine-free. Moringa boosts our immune system against COVID-19.

Country of Origin: Philippines

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