Finally, a health drink that suitably replaces lost body fluids and minerals is now made available by the company which brings home the world’s premium brands.

A health drink that replenishes water and electrolytes in the body that are lost through perspiration. It is the most suitable drink for people going through dehydration because of everyday physical activities at work, in sports and at home, especially during summer.

Last quarter of 2013, Federated Distributors Inc. and Otsuka (Philippines) have partnered for a very important objective – to guarantee growth of POCARI SWEAT. Given the new partnership with Otsuka, we are proud to establish a bond between two parties which will create much improved mass distribution in both modern trade and Horeca accounts.

Contract Signing between Otsuka (Philippines) Pharmaceutical Inc. and Federated Distributors Inc. Executives present from both parties were (From Left to Right) Mr. Jose “Pepe” Cheng – General Manger of FDI, Mr. Ronald Tieng – Managing Director of FDI, Mr. Leopoldo Dimerin – President & General Manager of OPPI and Mr. Shinichi Suzuki – Vice-President (Nutraceutical Division) of OPPI.